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Capsaicin - Natural and Synthetic

This is one of the most spicy-hot substance known to man. The tiniest amount will make your product fiery hot. How hot? Take a look at this Scoville scale to see the relative degrees of 'hotness'. This is the substance that causes the burning feeling in the mouth or nose (any contact with mucous membranes) and it also increases secretion of gastric juice. Capsaicin comes in two formsĀ - natural, which is made from hot peppers, and synthetic, which is produced in a laboratory. The efficacy of the two forms appears to be identical.

Choosing between Natural Capsaicin and Synthetic Capsaicin (Nonivamide)
How does one decide between the natural and synthetic forms of capsaicin? If it is going to be ingested, it is best to stick to the natural form. If it is going to be used as a deterrent, the synthetic form is the better choice, primarily because of cost. The natural product is subject to vagaries of weather and growing conditions, and as a result, costs 4-5 times as much as the synthetic form.

Capsaicin has wide usage in the medical field for relief of pain, and more recently has been shown to be effective in fighting cancers.

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